Andhra Pradesh Integrated Irrigation and Agriculture Transformation Project
CADA, Water Resources Department.
Government of Andhra Pradesh.

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AP has a vision of achieving a 20 percent increase in water use efficiency over the next five years. The full benefit of that has to go to agriculture and allied sectors so that the income of the framer is doubled. Since the major and medium projects are time consuming and capital intensive, decentralised community based tank irrigation is the only alternative to achieve this challenge.. Read More.

Loan Signing Video Conference Orientation Workshop to Department Officials of Agriculture and Horticulture on 11-6-2018 Review Meeting on 5-6-2018 by Secretary canal
  • TFA Contract Award under APIIATP   Notice

    Date : 5/02/2019

  • Contract Award and Tender notices for civil works under APIIATP posted in the  TENDERS on left panel

    Date : 18/05/2018       updated Date : 10/12/2018

  • APIIATP External M&E Contract Award   Notice

    Date : 29/10/2018

  • Orientation Workshop on APIIATP to Officials of Agriculture and Horticulture Departments Event Date:11-06-2018  Session Plan

    Date : 07/06/2018

  • EoI Shortlisting of   SO's TFA's

    Date : 10/04/2018

  • NCB-Small Works-Bid  Document

    Date : 04/04/2018

  • APIIATP ESMF  vol 1 Vol 2

    Date : 29/03/2018

  • APIIATP Bid Document for Civil Works (NCB)  Document

    Date : 16/02/2018

  • EoI for Support Organizations (SO) at District level  Advt / Format for SO EoI / TOR

  • EoI for Training Facilitation agency (TFA) at State level  Advt / Format for TFA EoI / TOR


  • Contracts awarded in APIIATP Project:
    .Preparation of PIP and Manuals to "M/s CTRAN Ltd"

    .Baseline Study and ESMF to "M/s SUTRA Consulting Ltd"

    .Preparation of PPSD to "M/s CTRAN Consulting Ltd"


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